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Sara Quale has been so very helpful to us over the last year with a number of insurance needs we have had....always so professional and willing to go the extra mile to help us out!!!
Doug Wright
I reached out to Sara requesting an insurance quote and she was quick to respond and help me with the process. We worked with Mitch on the policy details and he was very thorough with the details and answered all my questions. Overall the process was easy and seamless to transition over to Innovative Insurance. Thank you!
Educated us about changes in insurance. Willingness to provide our homeowners with specific information to help them determine the best coverage for their H06 policies.
Scott is exceptionally knowledgeable about details of insurance products and provides concrete recommendations with sensible rationale.
Paul Hill
My initial meeting with Scott was the most informative meeting I have ever had concerning insurance. He asked many questions to help determine what are needs were and presented options with benefits of how this would best fit our needs. We made informed decisions and felt good that we were getting a competively priced product to meet our needs.
Robert W.
This is by far one of my most recommended services. No more looking around to find the most affordable plan for home insurance and car insurance yearly. They do all the legwork for you and you reap the benefits . The communication has always been top notch! Innovative insurance has save me thousands and secured me higher coverage at the same time.
Joseph N.
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