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The Biggest Claims Myths


We Want to Educate You About The Realities Of Filing A Claim


Let’s face the facts.  You buy auto and home insurance to protect yourself in the event of an accident, injury, or some other event. Filing a claim with your homeowner’s, auto or business policy should be easy, and the claims process should go smoothly. Let’s expose the myths around filing an insurance claim.


1.    Myth- Filing an online claim with an online insurer is easy and takes only minutes. Online insurance buying and claims can actually take longer, and if you need to talk to a person, you may not even know if the person is a licensed agent, or if they are working from a foreign county.


2.     Myth- Any claim will cause my insurance premiums to go up or my insurance policy to be cancelled. A majority of insurance companies simply handle and settle the claim fairly and don’t cancel the policy. Factors that might cause a policy to be cancelled are multiple claims, claims that involve criminal activity, and drunk driving.


3.     Myth- The adjuster’s job is to settle the claim for the lowest amount possible. Most adjusters are obligated to settle any claim per the terms of the policy.


4.     Myth- I do not have anyone to help me through the process. Our office will help you through the process and answer any questions you may have. We are your advocate. This may not be true if you purchased your insurance online.


5.      Myth- I can let my contractor or auto body shop handle the claim. Be aware of “ambulance chasers” that appear after a loss or accident and claim to have expertise in claims processing. They may not know your policy. Always call us for help. 


6.      Myth- All I need to do is report the claim. You will need to communicate with the adjuster and provided other information as needed. 


Insurance is intended to help you recover after a loss. We are here to help you review and understand how insurance works. 


Insurance specialists at Innovative Insurance Services LLC serve to help you coordinate an insurance program that determines the best coverage options for your needs – for benefits and quality discounts that help you save.


What does this mean for you? By combining home and auto policies, you may be eligible to receive money-saving discounts, a guaranteed full-year policy term for your car, On Your Side® insurance protection, 24-hour Customer and Claim service, and more.