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What Can You Do After the Storm?

February 17, 2016

Recent Weather Has Caused Considerable Damage

It seems that we are experiencing a number of weather related issues: winter storms, flooding, hail damage and more. These storms have caused millions of dollars of damage to homes and businesses.  If you are thinking about flood insurance call our office at 955-452-5767—there is a waiting period after a flood.

Home Insurance Review

It is always good to make sure that your home insurance is designed to cover as many weather related risks as possible. Call our office for a free home insurance review.  Another great supplement to your policy comes through a home insurance inventoryclick here to learn more.

Post-Storm Planning

After sustaining storm damage, the first call most homeowners should make is to the insurance company and/or to our office. We receive a variety of questions and thought we might pass this information along to you. We are not providing specific limits and coverage terms, as each homeowner’s policy may be different.


1.    Trees have fallen on our house, garage, or other property.  How much coverage do we have for the debris removal?   Generally, a homeowner’s policy provides limited coverage to remove fallen trees, due to a covered loss.


2.    What if trees on my property fall on my neighbor’s home? In most cases, homeowners are not liable for trees that have fallen on someone else's property when a windstorm has caused it to fall.

3.    Your home sustains damage to its exterior due to a windstorm.  What should you do until the adjuster arrives? The standard homeowner’s policy has a provision for making temporary repairs.  You can, and should, take necessary steps to protect property from further damage.  You may have tarps installed on the roof, siding, or broken windows to protect the interior from water damage.  A contractor may be hired to complete these repairs. These costs are covered. 


4.    A storm has caused a general power outage in the area, and has affected the homeowner’s electricity for an undetermined amount of time.  Is the cost of a motel covered under the insured’s homeowner’s policy?  No.  Property must sustain direct physical damage causing the power outage first.


5.    Is there coverage for interior water damage to the home if it is the result of exterior damage caused by windstorm? Most homeowner’s policies will cover damage to the interior of a home if the home has first sustained damage to the exterior caused by windstorm or hail.


6.  A home sustains windstorm or hail damage to the siding, roofing, or both.  What happens if the same color or style of the siding, or roofing material, is no longer available? If a reasonable match is available the insurance company will repair and/or replace the damage. If there is no reasonable match, then the insurance company may have to replace the entire siding or roof.  


Please remember this information is to be considered a general overview. All claims will be settled per the terms of your individual policy. At Innovative Insurance Services, LLC, we are dedicated to making sure that you have the right coverage on your home. A comprehensive review of you homeowners policy will determine the cost to rebuild your home in the event of a total loss as well as make sure your personal property is properly insured.  


If you're currently shopping for home insurance, we would enjoy speaking with you about how Innovative Insurance Services, LLC can best secure your house.  Request a quote to send us the initial information, or give us a call at 952-445-5767 to speak with an agent directly.