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Homeowners Insurance Inventory

As your comfort and safety, top security for your home is a priority.

How can you strengthen your coverage?

Homeowners insurance inventory is a key resource when in completely securing your home.  All too often, many insured do not take advantage of this strategy that when employed, makes the claims process quick, yet highly effective in the event of an unavoidable loss.  All too often, missing information can make it impossible to understand the costly fallout facing you.


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Innovative Insurance Services LLC is built on our proactive planning and superior service, which is why we recommend that our insured in Shakopee, Savage, and throughout the Minneapolis area take advantage of a free resource from the Insurance Information Institute (III).  The III is an incredibly helpful programfocused on educating the public on all types of insurance, an otherwise confusing subject, so that their products are clear and understandable.  Visit their website and learn about more resources available to you.



One resource from the III is Know Your Stuff®, a free software program making the homeowners insurance inventory process easy, readily-updatable, and overall, significantly more beneficial.  Hosted by the III, you will have the ability to create custom inventory for your home, which you can access any time, anywhere.  The future is unclear—make it a safe one with this invaluable resource.


Interested in using Know Your Stuff® from the III?  Click below to sign up!


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Know Your Stuff® Mobile Apps

As smart phones and mobile devices become more common, the III has continued to make the homeowners insurance inventory process.  Whether you are relaxing at home in Shakopee or traveling across the world, you can now access your account through the free Know Your Stuff® mobile application.  Accounting for your valuables is as easy as inputting the map of your home, the item's information, and snapping a picture on your smartphone.  For more information, click below:



Downloadable Spreadsheets

Some homeowners would prefer to keep the documents themselves.  Below, we have provided homeowners insurance inventory sheets to those insured.  By clicking below, you can download this resource as an XLSX file.  Tour your home, carefully using each room category to account for the assets you value most.  We encourage you to keep both digital files and print copies with yourself, as well as close family and friends for safe keeping.  If we are able to help, please call your dedicated agent at Innovative Insurance Services LLC or contact us online.



   Download Homeowners Insurance Inventory Sheet (XLSX)   


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Innovative Insurance Services LLC in Shakopee, Minnesota strives to operate as the Minneapolis area's most forward-thinking, customer-oriented insurance agency.  If you are searching for home insurance you and your family can rely on for years to come, request a quote today to provide the initial information to get started.  We serve our neighbors in Savage, Prior Lake, Bloomington, Eden Prairie, and Burnsville, as well as throughout the state.  We are also licensed to insure in Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, Colorado, Arizona, Nebraska, and Texas.


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