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Did You Know?

Innovative Insurance Services, LLC is here to secure you, no matter the dangers that could arise. Read on below for information that can make the difference for you and your family should disaster strike

Rearview Mirrors & Blind Spots

A must see video on how to adjust your driving mirrors to see your blind spot—it may just save your life!

Have you almost been wiped out because you failed to see a car in the lane next to you, but too close to see out the rear view mirror?  Watch this and learn more.



Protect Your Family From Radon!

The Minnesota Departments of Public Safety and Health are teaming up to bring awareness to the dangers of radon. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer. Any home – no matter the size or location- can pull up radon gases from the ground. Many people might be breathing in these deadly gases and never know. We hope this informational video will motivate you to get a radon test kit.


The Dangers of CFL Lightbulbs

By now, we’ve all seen them. We probably all have some in our homes. I’m talking about energy-saving light bulbs or CFLs. CFLs consume less power and have longer life compared to their incandescent brothers, however they have a small electronic ballast in their base that is a fire hazard. Click on this link to learn more.


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